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  • Sales Engineer

    Job responsibilities:
    1. Have automation and related professional background, understand the knowledge and technology of intelligent parking or security industry.

    2. Love market development / sales work, down-to-earth dedication. 
    3. Good interpersonal and teamwork skills.
    4.At least 1 year market development / sales experience. 
    5.Those with certain working background in intelligent parking management system and security industry are preferred.

  • Maintenance Engineer

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Junior college or above, majored in electrical, automation, etc.

    2. At least 2 years practical working experience in maintenance of weak current control equipment.

    3. Basic English reading and writing skills.

    4. Be able to work shifts according to the needs of the job.

    5. Under 30 years of age, male.

  • Sales Manager

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Majored in mechanical, electrical and industrial automation, bachelor degree or above.

    2. At least 3 years marketing experience in intelligent parking or security industry, at least 1 year 

    management experience in the same position.

    3. Have rich marketing experience and strong ability of market planning and development.

    4. Excellent execution ability to maintain good working condition under pressure.

    5. Good professionalism and strong sense of responsibility.

    6. Priority for those with market resources